For Hire - Rules

Custom extensions, forum set-ups, edits and modifications. Post your jobs for hire in here.
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Image For Hire - Rules
You may use this section to request custom jobs and hire someone to complete a job(s) for you. Hiring someone to do jobs like:

- Creating custom extensions
- Installing your forum and/or extensions
- Modifying existing extensions
- Template edits
- Template design

How to post a job

A brief description of what you need doing

-Include in as much detail as you can exactly what you require
-When do you need he job completing by
-What is your budget for the job

All jobs are between you and the individual you hire. As the Hirer it is your responsibility to choose the individual to complete your job, it is also your responsibility to pay the individual upon job completion (if a price has been agreed). It is your job to open communications with each other and agree to any terms between yourselves outside of this forum.

This section and can not, shall not and will not be held responsible for any loss of money, damage to websites/software or other property that arises from anyone hiring for or accepting jobs posted in this section. No personal or financial details are to be posted publicly in this section or anywhere else on this site.
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