Latest Release 1.5.2

Latest updates, changes and thoughts for the future of Splicker.
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Image Latest Release 1.5.2
Hi there,

It has been quite a long year and since the first official release back in May 2020 the template and extensions have had a massive overhaul.

A new release has just hit the store and you can download it now :D

If you've used the original release or seen the screenshots of from last year you'll immediately notice a lot of differences in terms of layout, formatting and sizing. The template is still a work in progress, it will never be 100% completed because we'll continue to update and improve it for as long as phpBB exists.

We've introduced some new colour schemes, have a look at these images:
Or even design your own theme using our theme editor (you'll find it above on the main menu bar)
As well as giving you loads of choice when it comes to colours, we've also given you control of the head of your page so you can have a logo in virtually any location, any size and adjust the menu location as well. You can even set a page background image or colour. No other template gives you so much customisation and choice.

You can now choose between two topic post headers:

Nice and plain... Or colour matched to your theme... We've now got full compatibility with RTL mode so anyone using a language such as Arabic will be able to use the template without needed to change anything, it's all automatic. One template - does it all!

Available in the store for FREE for a limited time.

Grab a copy today. Get updates forever.
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